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#5 Any Town You Enter

Jan 29, 2023    Pastor Jeff Little

Wherever YOU go, you bring the Kingdom! As we launch into God's intended and preferred future for all of us, we move confidently, in absolute liberty, assured of success, with God's presence and empowerment to make disciple-makers and plant rapidly reproducing house churches all over the desert and far beyond! ANY TOWN YOU ENTER will be changed as you assertively bring the gospel in its fullness, with all the responsibility to bring the dead to life, and not to leave them merely saved but also sent, fully equipped for every good work. HALLELUJAH!

"We thank You, God, for your calling, for the gifts you've given Your Church, and for the trust you've placed in each of us to become what your Word says Your people are... disciple-maker-makers. We are honored and humbled, and confident and committed to doing Your Word... becoming solid lives ourselves, and building solid lives of others who will build solid lives of yet others. We praise You for Your plans and Your nearness. We walk in step with Your Spirit and will fulfill Your calling, see Your Kingdom family grow and mature even to the measure of the fullness of the stature of Christ, in Whose name we pray... AMEN!"